Best Bluetooth Speaker for Android: Top 13

Through years, almost all of the components of a smartphone has evolved and is becoming better and better.

Be it the Camera or the build quality or display, they all have been receiving upgrades from time to time.

But there is one department which is lagging far behind in terms of improvement – Speakers.

No doubt that speakers also had their fair share of upgrades. We saw stereo-speakers, we saw front-facing speakers, and we even saw Dolby Speakers, but in most of the cases, they were unable to provide satisfactory audio quality.

And this is the big reason why Bluetooth/Wireless Speakers are still selling like hot cakes.

So in this post, I am going to list down the best Bluetooth speaker for Android.

But before I start with my list, let us first talk about what are the things that you should consider before buying any Bluetooth speaker.


Portability is the first and the most important factor to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

A speaker, which is light-weight, easy to carry, runs on rechargeable batteries and is water or splash proof, should be your first choice.

While considering portability it is advised that you look for your own convenience.

If you are someone who enjoys listening to music sitting on the beach or sitting by the pool, then you should be looking for a splash proof or waterproof. Likewise, if you want your speaker to be with you everywhere, then a speaker with high durability will suit you best.

Sound Quality

Obviously, you are not going to buy a good Bluetooth speaker without testing its audio quality.

Different people have different preferences.

Some may like surround sound, some may like high bass or some might just settle with high loudness!

Apart from that, the clarity of audio is important.

No matter how much portable a speaker is, no matter how much is its battery life, no matter how much expensive it is, a good speaker will not have distorted audio. It all comes down to the clarity of the audio. And that’s what you should look for before taking any buying decision.

Battery Life

Battery life of a speaker is something which you can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore.

A speaker is not a good speaker if it is unable to give hours of continuous playback.

Battery life is a key attribute to be kept in mind if you are looking to buy a speaker with heavy outdoor usage.

It won’t be difficult for you to find a speaker with good battery life as nowadays most of the portable Bluetooth speakers are offering a battery life of at least 6 – 8 hours.

Although there are other factors like design and durability which you should consider before buying, the above three factors should be given more importance.

In my opinion, the best Bluetooth speaker for Android is the one which is portable, has a good and clear audio and has a good battery life. All three of them in one box.

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Android

Now to help you more precisely, I’ve listed down 13 of the best Bluetooth speaker for Android.

And the list goes like this:

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Although Bose SoundLink Mini II was announced two years ago, it still remains one of the best speakers in terms of delivering an awesome audio experience.

Its main USP is its ability to play heavy bass songs and maintaining the clarity of the audio even at high volume.

The design of the speaker is sleek and it is very compact. But, keep in mind, it is heavy. It weighs 1.47 lbs or around 0.65 Kg.

As far as durability is concerned, the Bose SoundLink Mini II has an aluminum casing which adds to its design and durability. The speaker also comes with a nice looking charging cradle to keep it fully charged.

Before you make up your mind let me tell about the cons of SoundLink Mini II. First of all, it is neither waterproof nor splashproof. It has no NFC pairing and its battery lasts up to 10 hours only.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy Bose SoundLink Mini II at $179.00

Portability: Compact, but heavy.

Sound Quality: One of the best, thanks to high bass.

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours.

Who should buy this?: If you want a speaker, mainly, for indoor usage, then this speaker is the best for you.

Who should avoid this?: If you are a beach person or If you want a speaker with good battery life.

Buy Now from Amazon: $179.00

UE Boom 2

Ultimate Ears’ UE Boom 2 packs a punch. With UE Boom 2, you get 360-degree of amazing audio. And that’s not it. You can pair your UE Boom 2 with more than 150 other Ultimate Ears speakers and blast the party with some good music. The design is trendy and it comes in a variety of colors – Blue, Red, Green, White, Black and Orange.

The design is trendy and it comes in a variety of colors – Blue, Red, Green, White, Black and Orange.

Although UE Boom 2 is weighed around 1.2 lbs (0.5 Kg), it is super compact and can be carried anywhere easily. Literally anywhere, as the speaker is waterproof with IPX7-rating.

It has tap controls. You can tap to play, pause or change track. Battery life isn’t the best but 15 hours will be sufficient for an average user.

It has a companion mobile app for Android and iOS which gives access to an extra set of features like adjusting equalizer, pairing with another UE Boom 2 for stereo sound and setting an alarm.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy UE Boom 2 at $146.16 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact, but slightly on the heavier side.

Sound Quality: UE Boom 2 has the ability to produce some good audio and the ability to pair with other UE speakers is just like a cherry on top of the cake.

Battery Life: Up to 15 hours.

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for a speaker with a trendy design and good sound quality or If you are looking for a speaker for heavy outdoor usage.

Who should avoid this?: If you want a speaker with a long battery life.

Buy Now from Amazon: $146.16

DOSS Touch

DOSS may not sound a familiar name but their speaker, DOSS Touch, has potential.

It is a good buy for those looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker but without compromising much on audio quality.

DOSS Touch has dual high-performance drivers which are good enough to produce stereo sound. Along with that, its enhanced bass makes it a good buy in just $33.

The speaker has capacitive touch controls on the top. It also has a ‘ring’ on the top for controlling volume. DOSS Touch is a bit heavier but that is compensated with its sturdy built.

Don’t think of taking it to the beach or alongside the pool, as the DOSS Touch is not waterproof.

It has a 2,200 mAh battery which can give you music playback for 12 hours easily.

A slot for micro-SD Card is also there, something which you won’t find on most of the speakers nowadays. So that’s a welcome addition.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy DOSS Touch at $33.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact, but heavy.

Sound Quality: Not the best, but it justifies the price.

Battery Life: 12 hours playback time.

Who should buy this?:  If you are on a hunt for an affordable yet performing Bluetooth speaker.

Who should avoid this?: If budget is not your concern.

Buy Now from Amazon: $33.99

V-Moda Remix

Your search for Premium Bluetooth Speaker may end here. At a price point of $299, it is certainly expensive but it won’t fail you on the performance grounds.

V-Moda Remix has a Glass fiber dual-driver and passive base, together they are able to produce great audio and at the same time keeping the clarity of audio in check.

Weighing around 1.9 lbs (or 0.85 Kg), it is heavier than most of the speakers on this list but it still has a compact design. Easy to carry.

Too bad that being such an expensive buy, you won’t get any protection from water as the speaker is not waterproof. A disappointment.

V-Moda is offering 3D-printed custom modules for the Remix which allows you to customize every side of the speaker. Along with that, it also has Headphone Amplifier.

best Bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy V-Moda Remix at $299.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Portable but keep in mind that it weighs 1.9 lbs

Sound Quality: Crisp and clear. Worth every penny.

Battery Life: 3,300 mAh battery with 10 hours of playback time.

Who should buy this?: If you want a premium Bluetooth speaker

Who should avoid this?: If you are someone who doesn’t want to put in a lot of money for a Bluetooth speaker.

Buy Now from Amazon: $299.99

JBL Flip 4

The list of best Bluetooth speaker for Android would be incomplete without mentioning a few JBL speakers.

JBL Flip 4 has all that you can expect from a Bluetooth speaker.

It has dual external passive radiators while makes it a powerful stereo speaker. Flip 4 is waterproof with IPX7-rating.

You can connect more than 100 JBL speakers with Connect+ and fill the atmosphere with music, both indoor and outdoor.

It has a battery of 3,000 mAh which is able to give you 12 hours of uninterrupted music. It comes with 6 different color options – Black, Blue, Gray, Red, Teal and White. There is also a camouflage variant.

It also built-in speakerphone to make calls.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy JBL Flip 4 at $89.94 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact design but weighs around 1.7 lbs.

Sound Quality: Not the best.

Battery Life: Up to 12 hours.

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for a speaker for every occasion.

Who should avoid this?: If you want a speaker with great audio.

Buy Now from Amazon: $89.94

Harman/Kardon Onyx Mini

Harman/Kardon’s speakers are best in the business, and Onyx Mini is no exception.

Onyx Mini delivers a great audio experience, rich bass and even at high volume, you won’t notice any distortions.

Its form factor is round-shaped and compact, but it is heavy. Really heavy. It weighs 2 lbs (or 0.9 Kg).

It gives you the ability to wirelessly connect with another speaker to provide a powerful stereo sound.

As far as battery is concerned, it can play songs continuously for 10 hours on a single charge.  Onyx Mini is not waterproof, so think twice before taking it alongside the pool.

It also has a built-in Microphone with Harman’s echo and noise cancellation technology, perfect for making conference calls.

best bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy harman/kardon Onyx Mini at $62.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact, heavy and not waterproof.

Sound Quality: It has the potential to deliver great audio with deep bass and crystal clarity.

Battery Life: Lasts up to 10 hours

Who should buy this?: If you want a speaker with great sound under $100.

Who should avoid this?: If you are a beach person.

Buy Now from Amazon: $62.99

Marshall Kilburn

Here’s another premium Bluetooth speaker. Marshall’s Kilburn.

If I were to compare all the 13 speakers on this list on the basis of sheer audio quality, then Marshall will win, not once, but every time.

Its design has a retro feel to it and it looks really good and classic. 10 on 10 to Kilburn for its design.

It has no playback control but it has retro-looking volume, bass and treble controls.

Portability is an issue with Kilburn as it is large and is very heavy. It weighs around 2 lbs (or 3 Kg) and also it is not waterproof.

Battery life is amazing. The party can last as long as 20 hours, without any interruption.

It certainly lacks a bunch of features like NFC pairing and the ability to connect with other speakers, but its audio quality would still win any hearts.

best bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy Marshall Kilburn at $224 from Amazon.

Portability: Large and Heavy.

Sound Quality: Marshall’s Kilburn is the king in this department.

Battery Life: 20 hours

Who should buy this?: If you want a speaker with great design and the best quality audio, look further than Kilburn.

Who should avoid this?: If you want a speaker with high portability

Buy Now from Amazon: $224.00

FuGoo Style

FuGoo Style should have been on top of this list. It has got everything that you want from the best Bluetooth speaker for Android.

The center of attraction of FuGoo Style is its battery life. It is whopping 40 HOURS! That is the best battery life amongst the other top Bluetooth Speakers. With this speaker, the party will never end.

And not just battery, the audio quality is far more superior than most of the other Bluetooth speakers. It has six drivers which give a 360-degree surround sound.

FuGoo style is nicely built and is very durable. It is waterproof with IP67-rating.

And it doesn’t end here. You can even customize the looks fo FuGoo Style with various skins and jackets available.

To add, it also has a built-in microphone.

best bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy FuGoo Style at $89.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact design.

Sound Quality: Far superior than most of the Bluetooth speakers out there. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Battery Life: Unmatched 40 hours of continuous music.

Who should buy this?: I guess everyone. It has everything.

Who should avoid this?: Well, only if you want to buy a premium speaker, just for the sake of it.

Buy Now from Amazon: $89.99

JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2 looks identical to JBL Flip. Both of them have a cylindrical shape and offer 360-degree sound.

What makes JBL Pulse 2 stand out from the crowd is a feature called light show. Based on the song you play, the lights dance according to the mood of the song.

There is a companion app which can be used to change the light show effect.

Talking about the sound quality, pulse 2 offers crisp and clear audio, good bass and doesn’t get distorted at high volume.

Battery life of the speaker is average. It can last only up to 10 hours and 5 hours with the light show.

Remember that JBL Pulse 2 is splashproof but not waterproof.

You can even wirelessly connect two speakers for better sound but don’t expect stereo sound.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy JBL Pulse 2 at $119.95 from Amazon.

Portability: Compact, easy to carry.

Sound Quality: is good, but there are other better options available in the market

Battery Life: up to 10 hours

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for a decent speaker with decent price and decent sound quality

Who should avoid this?: If you are looking for a speaker with exceptional sound quality.

Buy Now from Amazon: $119.95

B&O Beoplay A1

When it comes to portability, Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A1 steals the show.

Weighing around 1.3 lbs (or 0.58 Kg), it is a beautiful looking, round shaped speaker. The roundness of the A1 makes the speaker compact and easy to carry.

The sound quality was at par with what you can expect from Bang & Olufsen’s speakers. Throw any song at any volume at A1 and it will play it with sheer-quality. Don’t judge this speaker based on its size as you’ll be surprised to see how this compact speaker can deliver quality sound, far more than what was expected.

A single charge can give you 24 hours of music playback. It comes in a variety of color options and is dust and splash resistant.

The Beoplay A1 gives a 360-degree sound, thanks to its round design and you can connect with another speaker to get stereo-sound experience.

best bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy B7O Beoplay A1 at $224.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Ultra-portable

Sound Quality: Beoplay A1 will not fail you as far as the quality of sound is concerned.

Battery Life: Up to 24 hours

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for a portable speaker but don’t want to compromise with the sound quality.

Who should avoid this?: If budget is your concern.

Buy Now at Amazon: $224.99

Bose SoundLink Color II

Here’s another one with high portability – Bose SoundLink Mini II.

SoundLnk Color II delivers good quality audio for its size, with deep bass and clear audio.

It is waterproof with IPX4-rating and has a battery life of only 8 hours. The SoundLink Color II is made of rugged, soft-touch silicone, instead of hard plastic found in most of the speakers. This provides a good grip as well as ensures durability.

Other features are NFC pairing and a built-in microphone for taking calls.

The Bose SoundLink Color II is available in different color variants – Black, Blue, Red and White.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy Bose SoundLink Mini II at $129 from Amazon.

Portability: Weighs around 1.2 lbs, it is compact and easy to carry.

Sound Quality: More than what you can expect from a speaker of this size.

Battery Life: Up to 8 hours.

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for a decent speaker with good audio quality.

Who should avoid this?: If you want a speaker with long-lasting battery life.

Buy Now from Amazon: $129.00

JBL Clip 2

If portability of a speaker is your selling point, then JBL Clip 2 is made for you.

It is ultra-portable, lightweight and but still can impress you with its sound quality. Since it is IPX7 rated, you can carry this little monster anywhere you like.

From the design point of view, the speaker looks like a medal, just without the ribbon. It is round shaped with a clip on its head which lets you hang it anywhere.

You won’t have to compromise with the audio experience in return for its portability. You can’t expect more from a speaker of this size. It has a battery life of 8 hours.

It comes in a wide-range of colors – Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Camouflage.

best bluetooth speaker for Android
Buy JBL Clip 2 at $49.95 from Amazon.

Portability: Super Portable, compact and weighs only 6.5 ounces (or 0.18 Kg)

Sound Quality: Decent but don’t expect more than you should.

Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

Who should buy this?: If you are looking for an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker.

Who should avoid this?: If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with top-notch audio quality.

Buy Now from Amazon: $49.95

Anker SoundCore 2

Last but not the least on this list is Anker’s SoundCore 2. An affordable Bluetooth speaker which gets the job done.

Anker SoundCore 2 is best suited for indoor use because the sound quality, although decent, but isn’t good enough for outdoors.

It has a great battery life. You get 24 hours of continuous playback.

The speaker is IPX5 rated splash proof and dust proof.

Rugged build quality and it weighs only 0.79 lbs (or  0.36 Kg).

This speaker might not be suitable for everyone but it is certainly one of the best at this price-point.

best bluetooth speaker for android
Buy Anker SoundCore 2 at $39.99 from Amazon.

Portability: Easy to carry, weighs only 0.79 lbs.

Sound Quality: At this price point the audio quality is good.

Battery Life: Up to 24 hours.

Who should buy this?: If you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker

Who should avoid this?: If you don’t want to compromise with the sound quality.

Buy Now from Amazon: $39.99

There you have it!

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Which one is your favorite among these speakers? Do you think that I should add another speaker to this list? Which one is it? Let me know in the Comments!

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