Best Educational Apps For Android And iOS

Education is one of the basic human needs. Thanks to the technological progress, education is slowly and steadily going online from offline. Traditional learning vs Online learning is surely a great topic for debate. But we can’t overlook the advantages and convenience online learning provides.

Now given the fact that everything in the technological world is going mobile, it won’t be a shocker that online learning has eventually made its way to our smartphones.

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, both, have a great number of learning/educational apps, so many that both of them have a separate category of ‘Education’, in their respective stores, to house all of the educational apps.

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Choices give birth to confusion and this post was intended to throw out any such confusions. Here I have listed some of the best educational apps which you can download straight away and start learning something new.

Best Educational Apps

1. TED

TED Talks need no introduction. Successful people sharing their knowledge, ideas and experiences, well that’s something which you shouldn’t overlook.

TED has been organizing these talks for years and their app gives you access to all these talks for free. Apart from the awesome videos, the app also has some great features.

First of all, it has different sections for Most-Viewed, Trending and Newly Added TED-Talks. Other than that, the app lets you download videos for offline use and you can even “Listen” to a TED-Talk in case you are not in the mood of watching a video. You can even add TED-Talks to your list and mark it as your favorite.

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The app also features a search function through which you can search TED-Talks by different speakers, on different topics and from different years.

Download TED for Android and iOS.

best educational apps

2. Curiosity

Feed your curious mind with the Curiosity app available for both Android and iOS. This app lets you read, watch and learn about various categories.

The app claims to have hundreds of categories on which you can find various interesting and knowledgeable content to read and watch. You can add a particular category (called as Subject in the app) as your favorite and access all the contents from that subject in one place.

There is also a ‘Discover’ section, where you can explore new and different categories and find some more interesting articles and videos. Another interesting feature of the app is something called as ‘Daily Digest’. It brings you 5 interesting articles every day so that you can learn something new every day and notifies you about the same as per your convenience.

Download Curiosity for Android and iOS.

best educational apps

3. SoloLearn

Coding is something which everyone should learn. It’s just not me but even the leaders of the tech industry like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg believe. And if you are still not convinced, read this article from Forbes.

There are a great number of free online courses available on the internet which can teach you how to code for free. And as far as apps are concerned, look no further than SoloLearn.

Python, JavaScript, php, C++, Ruby, jQuery and many more programming languages can be learned for free. You can go from a beginner to pro as it covers all the concepts of a programming language. The app also has its own forum where you can discuss with other members about coding or ask for a help related to coding and programming.

Download SoloLearn for Android and iOS.

best educational apps for Android

4. Duolingo

It is said that learning new languages opens up your mind. It makes you smarter and improves your memory. If that’s something you believe and have always wondered how to learn a new language, Duolingo is your answer.

This app can teach you almost all of the popular languages of the world and that too for free. In small bite-sized lessons, Duolingo takes you from the basics of a language to a point where you can easily converse in that language. What makes the learning interesting are the achievements that you earn while going through the lessons.

This makes it more like a fun-to-play-game and less like learning. And as you progress it really gets addictive. Another interesting feature of the app is ‘Clubs’, which lets you connect with your family and friends to help in achieving languages goals together.

Download Duolingo for Android and iOS.

best educational apps for ios

5. Lumosity

Brain training apps are getting really popular these days. No surprise that both the Google Play Store and App Store are filled with brain and mind training apps. But one app that really stands out from the rest is Lumosity.

Lumosity has more than 40 games in the form of puzzle games, memory games, problem-solving games, etc. These games are set to test your memory, problem-solving skills, logic, speed and other skills.

The app also lets compare your strengths and weaknesses across games that challenge different cognitive abilities through its very own index called as Lumosity Performance Index. Apart from that, it also shows you the percentage of lumosity users you outperformed at the end of a game.

Download Lumosity for Android and iOS.

best learning app for android and ios

6. Investmate

If you are keen on learning about trading shares and derivatives, look no further than Investmate. This app is perfectly suitable for someone who has little to no knowledge about share trading.

The app has a very nice looking user interface and it’s card-styled lessons makes sure that it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes to complete one lesson. Each lesson is followed by a quiz or a real-world case, therefore enabling the user to have a firm grasp on the topic. Every card has also an option to be added as favorites which can later be accessed in the favorites tab. Very handy if you find something worth remembering.

While learning about share-trading you might come across with certain terminologies that you know nothing about. The app has covered you in that department also. Almost all of the useful terms are already highlighted on cards, tapping on them will open up another page which will be enough to explain to you about that particular term.

Download Investmate for Android and iOS.

best educational apps for android and ios

7. Udemy

There are so many websites providing online courses on almost every topic and Udemy is certainly one of the best online learning platforms. With more than 80,000 videos covering more than 2,000 topics, the udemy app has something for everyone.

Udemy offers both free and paid courses on several subjects like Web Development, Design, Marketing, Photography, Music, Personal Development and more. The lectures are not just limited to English. More than 35,000 experts teach in over 50 different languages.

You can take your lessons offline by downloading and the app also gives you the feature of taking the entire course in audio-only.

Download Udemy for Android and iOS.

best educational apps for adults and kids

8. iNaturalist

iNaturalist is an educational app which can make you fall in love with itself if you are a nature lover.

It is an online social network of naturalists, scientists, and biologists which was founded for the purpose of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe.

Either you can share your observations or help in identifying others observations. Not only that, you can even go through all the observations made across the globe. As on the date of writing, there are around 1.1 million observations. The app also has information about more than 170,000 species.

Download iNaturalist for Android and iOS.

best educational apps inaturalist

9. Photomath

Argh! I wish I had this app during my high school days.

If solving maths problems is something dreadful for you, Photomath is an app sent directly from God. Ya, it’s that good. Through Photomath, you can scan a mathematics problem and the app will give you the answer with step-by-step instructions. (Suddenly, life has become a bit easier.)

From fractions to derivatives, Photomath has a solution to every mathematical problem. The app can scan a mathematical problem written by you, thanks to its handwriting recognition mechanism. You can even type a problem to get a detailed step-by-step answer, in case you have a bad handwriting like me.

Download Photomath for Android and iOS.

best educational apps for android and ios photomath

So that was a ‘not-exhaustive’ list of the best educational apps available to download on Android and iOS. Do you know of any other great educational app which might have been missed by me while preparing this list? If that’s so, let me know in the comments section below.

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