How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

Smartphones are precious. And all the data in it, all of your personal data, documents, photos, videos, etc., are even more precious.

And this is why we have features like Find my Device on Android devices and Find My iPhone on iOS devices.

Talking about Find My iPhone, it is a very helpful app/service provided by the Cupertino-giant. It allows remote location tracking of your iOS device. Super helpful. Ask someone who has lost his iPhone and used this app to get it back.

And not just iPhone, you can even locate other Apple devices like iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, AirPods and even Mac.

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Find My iPhone allows you to locate your lost device on a map. Also, you can remotely lock it, display a custom message, play a sound (even if it’s on silent mode) and remotely erase all the data.

So after getting a new Apple device, one of the first things that you should do is turn on Find My iPhone. No doubt about that.

If for some reason, you want to turn off that feature then here’s how to do it.

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone From Your iPhone

Step 1: Go into your device’s Settings. Tap on your Apple ID. See your name on top? That’s your Apple ID. Tap on it. You will see it only if you are signed with your Apple ID on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on iCloud.

Step 3: On the next menu, scroll down till you find Find My iPhone. Tap on it.

how to turn off find my iphone

Step 4: Here you shall see a toggle to turn off the feature. Tap on the toggle.

It will then ask your Apple ID password. Enter the password and then tap on Turn Off.

how to turn off find my iphone from iphone

That’s it.

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How To Turn Off Find My iPhone From iCloud

There’s another way by which you can turn off Find My iPhone. And that is through the iCloud itself. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit the iCloud website and Sign in to your Apple ID.

how to turn off find my iphone from icloud

Step 2: Once you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll see a bunch of apps and services provided by Apple. Click on Find iPhone.

how to turn off find my iphone from icloud

Step 3: Click on All devices. You will find it at the top-middle of the website.

how to turn off find my iphone

Step 4: From the list of devices, click on your iPhone or any iOS device of which you want to turn off Find My iPhone.

turn off find my iphone

Step 5: After clicking on the name of your device you will notice that All Devices has been replaced by the name of your device which you clicked on Step 4. Click on the name of your device once again to open the list of device.

Step 6: On that list, you will notice that there is a small ‘x’ button next to the name of your device. Click on it.

find my iphone

You won’t see the small ‘x’ icon unless your iPhone is offline/switched off. How to know whether your iPhone is Online or Offline? If there’s a green dot just before the name of the device that means it is online. If it’s grey that means it is offline.

Step 7: The website will ask for confirmation – Remove iPhone?. Tap on Remove.

how to turn off find my iphone

Voila. You just turned off Find My iPhone from iCloud.

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Considering the importance of this little app from Apple, it is not at all recommended to turn it off. But yes, there are exceptions. And you know better. Anyways, if you are stuck at any of the above steps then please do let me know in the comments section down below. I might be able to help you out.


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