What is a Smartphone?

In this technology-driven world, Smartphones play a very important part. It has become something on which we are dependent and dependent a lot. We use a smartphone for various reasons other than making a phone call. From chatting with friends online to shopping to running a business, it does it all. But if you’re wondering what exactly is a Smartphone, you are not alone.


There is no standard definition of a Smartphone, but it can be described as that “It is a mobile phone with advanced capabilities, similar to that of a computer, wherein you can not only make calls but also access the internet, take pictures, read and edit documents etc.”

What does it do?

A Smartphone has several features. I can write a book on it. But the key highlights of a smartphone are:

  • Operating System:

 An Operating System is a software on a phone that manages the way different programs use its hardware. Generally, a smartphone’s all functionalities are based on the Operating System on which it is running. The most popular Operating Systems are iOS (for iPhones only), Android, Windows etc.

  • Internet Access:

The Internet is what makes the smartphone smart. The ability to access the web is the important feature of a phone. The ability to send and receive e-mails, downloading various apps and games, using different social network etc all would have been impossible with the absence of this feature.

  • Camera:

Since the very first introduction of Cameras on a phone, It has evolved dramatically. The ability to take good pictures from your phone has become a key feature in recent times. Cameras are so important that it has become a decisive feature for buying any phone.

The above-mentioned features are very basic and very limited. The list of all the features is very huge so it is not possible to cover all the features.

How to get one?

Well, It is very easy to buy a smartphone. You can go to any popular shopping website and buy one. Or you can simply go to a retail store and buy. The Price range depends on the smartphone you want to buy. It generally ranges from 40$ to 900$.




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