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Applications or Apps have become an inescapable part of our daily life. Our Smartphones are nothing without them. It’s the apps which make a smartphone “smart.” That’s the reason why the Play Store is flooded with millions of apps. We, as a smartphone user, have a variety of apps to choose from. This variety can create confusion like which app to download and which not to download. Say you want a good dictionary app. You search for it on the Play Store, and it gives you a huge list of dictionary apps available. Finding the best one out of it is a pain. So here’s the list of the best Android apps (Category-wise) available in the Play Store to help you out. 


  • Best Auto & Vehicles App

If you, as a car owner, are having trouble regarding the maintenance of your car then rejoice. Drivvo – Car Management app is here to rescue you. It comes with an excellent range of features. From recording fuel consumption to a reminder on the next car maintenance. It records all your fill-ups, services, expenses and trips. Once you start feeding data, it creates a whole lot of reports like cost statistics, distance statistics, fuel efficiency statistics, road conditions and more. The app also keeps track of maintenance and services of your vehicle and even reminds you when your car needs maintenance. 

best android apps

Install Drivvo – Car Management from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Books & Reference App is an exceptional dictionary app for Android. Apart from the regular dictionary, it has translators, voice search, spelling suggestions and an army of other useful features. The app also has a blog which covers some interesting topics, all related to ‘Words.’ Some other features are like Word of the day, Audio pronunciation, local lookups, etc. The app comes in two version. Free and Premium. With the premium upgrade you get Encyclopedia, Idioms & Phrases, Example Sentences and more. And the best part about this app is that it works offline as well. 

best android apps

Install from Google Play Store by clicking here (free version) or by clicking here (premium version).

  • Best Business App

The trend of invoicing through mobile is increasing rapidly. And that’s because of availability of several invoice making apps. Well, there are a lot of quality apps, but Invoice & Estimate on the Go is amongst the best. It has a clean, simple, elegant UI with lots of features. Making an invoice is super simple. Just click the blue “+” button, and you can instantly start adding Invoice no., date, Client name, pricing, etc.  While making the invoice, you’ll fall in love with all the detailing. You can even keep track of your invoices as in which are due or which are already paid. You can even keep records of your clients whose payment is yet to be received. The invoice generated by this app can surely replace your regular invoice and that’s why it is on the list of the best Android apps.

best android apps
Invoice & Estimate on the Go

Install Invoice & Estimate on the Go by clicking here.


  • Best Communication App

As far as the best communication app is concerned, WhatsApp is still the king. The reason is its popularity. It is currently being used by more than 1 billion people all over the world. WhatsApp has consistently been adding some neat features to remain at the top spot. Features like Voice messages, Encrypted messages, Voice calling, the ability to send documents were introduced by WhatsApp at regular intervals to ensure that it’s user base keep on increasing. Recently they added GIF support and Video calling, though WhatsApp was late on adding these features but its better late than never. These features have made WhatsApp the ultimate communication app.

best android apps

Install WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Education App

Udemy Online Courses is one of the world’s largest destination for online courses. Udemy claims that it has over 40,000 courses and more than 13 million students. The app has a very simple user interface. Udemy offers courses on Programming, Software Engineering, Finance, Management, SAP, Productivity, Leadership, Career Development, and many many more. The app gives you the option to download a course for your offline viewing, or you can even watch a class by casting it on your TV. You can take your own time to complete a course with speed controls. The app is free, but the courses are both free and paid. If you want to learn new skills, then you must give this app a try. 

best android apps

Install Udemy Online Courses from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Finance App

If you are looking for a good finance manager app, then look no further than Money Lover – Money Manager. This app lets you track all your expenses and savings. You can set a budget for your expenses, and the app will notify you when you are about to exceed your budget. It has several other features like bill reminders, in-depth reports, DashClock support, multi-device syncing, etc. The app also features a ‘Spending Map’ to visualize your expenses. You can even link your PayPal account with the app. It has a very materialistic design with a very neat user interface. A must-have app if you want to manage your expenses.

best android apps
Money Lover – Money Manager

Install Money Lover – Money Manager from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Food & Drink App

If you are someone who loves discovering new restaurants and tastes, then Zomato is the app for you. Zomato is a restaurant finder app which uses your location to provide you with details of nearby restaurants. It will let you browse through menus, photos, contact number, user reviews and ratings and will also let you use the map feature for the directions. The app has theme-based curated lists for you to discover the Best Chinese in your city or the Best Pizzas or the Best ice cream parlor. The app also lets you rate and review restaurants you’ve been to. Zomato’s app is easy to use and easy to navigate. Foodies!! This app was made keeping you in mind. Easily one of the best Android apps in the Food & Drink category.

best android apps

Install Zomato from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Health & Fitness App

Freeletics Bodyweight is one of the most effective workout app for all those who would like to get into better shape. The best thing about this app is that you can workout anywhere, anytime with this app as it doesn’t require any equipment for the exercises. You can set your own preferences whether you want to get lean, build muscle or stay fit and then the app will come up with a workout that fits your preference. Freeletics Bodyweight has more than 900 workout variations. Each exercise has an awesome detailed video tutorial that you can download. The app is simple yet motivating, just how a fitness app should be. It also has a premium version called “The Coach” for even more personalized training.   

best android apps
Freeletics Bodyweight

Install Freelectics Bodyweight from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Maps & Navigation App

Waze is not just another traffic app. It is a community-based traffic and navigation app. The Waze app is best known for its up-to-date traffic data which gets updated in real-time. What the app does is that it analyses the speed of your driving, on which route you are driving and more. Based on that data, it, then, comes up with all the traffic related data of that particular route and shares it with other Waze users on that route. You can also report alerts like accidents, hazards, police traps or road closures to other drivers and get points for it. It’s like a game. You can even chat with other Waze users. The app has all the basic navigation app features and a lot more other interesting features. Absolutely no reason for not having this app on the list of the best Android apps.

best android apps

Install Waze from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Medical App

Practo is an award-winning health app which lets you find doctors, clinics, dentists, nutritionists and more in your city. And not only does it let you find them but it also allows you to book an appointment and order medicines. You can go through all the feedbacks from patients before booking an appointment. The app also features Online Doctor Consultations which lets you have a 24-hour private chat with your selected doctor after making a payment. Other features like medicine reminders, booking an Uber cab for an appointment or visit, digital health records, makes it a hit. Currently, Practo is available only in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Singapore.

best android apps

Install Practo from Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Music & Audio App

TuneIn Radio is a must for all music lovers out there. It is, by far, the best radio streaming app that you can get. You can listen to over 100,000 radio stations from around the world for free. You can select your favorite radio station from any location, any category, and any language. Not just music, you can even listen to sports, news, talks, podcasts, all in one app. The app has a very clean UI, and it is easy to use and navigate. The app has a premium version wherein you can get live commentary of NBA, NFL, BPL games, unlimited audiobook listening and get rid of ads. There’s so much on TuneIn Radio that you are definitely going to find something for you. Download it right away and thank me later. 

best android apps
TuneIn Radio

Install TuneIn Radio from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best News & Magazine App

InShorts, as the name suggests, is a news app which summarizes the latest news in just 60 words or less. The app only covers the relevant fact related to the news, not opinions. However, you can swipe right for the original story if you are interested in further reading. To read stories, all you got to do is open the app and swipe up. It’s that simple. You can swipe left to search a particular news or jump to Top Stories or Trending section. The app has two modes: Day and Night. Its push notification feature works just well. You can also bookmark a story for future use. This app is for those who wants to stay updated but doesn’t want to read long articles.

best android apps

Install InShorts – News in 60 words from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Personalization App

One of the reasons behind Android’s immense popularity is the level of customization it has to offer. One can change the look and feel of OS altogether, and one way of doing that is by using launchers. There are a lot of Launchers available, but Nova Launcher is the best of the lot. There’s almost nothing on your home screen that you can’t change using Nova Launcher. You can modify the desktop, the app drawer, the dock, the folders, the Google search bar, everything. Alter the layout of app grid, change the icon layout, modify the colors, there are just so many things to customize. Heck, you can even change the color of the page indicator. That’s insane. If you want more control over how your phone looks, then download Nova Launcher straight away. There is also a premium version called Nova Launcher Prime with even more features.

best android apps
Nova Launcher

Install Nova Launcher from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Productivity App

Evernote is the best note-taking app on the Play Store. Not just a text note, you can add a photo, a pdf file, audio, a web clipping or your handwriting as a note. It can seamlessly sync all of your notes with multiple devices. You can even create checklists, to-do lists or set reminders with the help of this app. The app has a very uncluttered interface which makes it fairly easy to use. You can share notes with other Evernote users or have a ‘Work Chat’ as well. From a simple note-taker to a task manager, there are many possible ways of using Evernote. And that’s why it has made to the list of the best Android apps.

best android apps

Install Evernote from Google Play Store by clicking here.



  • Best Photo Editing App

There is a reason why Prisma was chosen as the ‘Best App of the year 2016.’ It is its ability to transform your photos into artworks of famous artists like Picasso, Munk, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mondrian and other famous artists. The app is very straightforward. Open the app, pick a photo, choose from various filters and share it instantly on social networks. The results after applying those filters are as mesmerizing as a painting. And that’s why Prisma filtered photos are all over on Facebook and Instagram. Another best part about this app is that the developers behind Prisma are regularly updating the app with new artistic filters. Haven’t tried Prisma yet? Give it a spin.

best android apps

Install Prisma from Google Play Store by clicking here. 


  • Best Social App

There are certainly many contenders for the best social app, but Instagram stands tall. Instagram is an easy way to share your moments with the world. It’s a social network of photos and videos. You can follow your friends & family and share moments with each other. Instagram has been on the Play Store for quite some time and developers behind it have never felt short of introducing new features from time to time. Stories, live videos, stickers, sending disappearing photos and videos to friends with Instagram Direct are some of the new features that were introduced with the passage of time. The filters available on Instagram are outstanding, it can easily give other photo editing apps a run for their money. It has more than 500 million active users worldwide, aren’t you yet?

best android apps

Install Instagram from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Sports App

There are a lot of things going on in the world of football. There are over a billion fans of this game, and they all want to remain updated with all the latest happenings. OneFootball has their back. It is one of the most popular football apps in the Play Store and its worth it. You can follow your favorite teams and leagues and get all the news as they happen. One can browse through schedules, standings, live scores, a live ticker, lineups, latest transfers, match prediction, and analysis. The instant push notification proves to be very useful in keeping up with the latest developments. This app has a well judged and neatly designed interface. The users are going to love the look and feel of this app.

best android apps

Install OneFootball from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Tools App

Parallel Space does one thing, and it is superb at it. It creates a clone of an app and lets you use multiple accounts of the same app on one device. You can have more than one WhatsApp installed and running. Like WhatsApp, Parallel Space also supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Messenger, or any other app or game you can think of. It has some other awesome features like make your apps invisible, protect them with a security lock, and customized themes. Overall, this app lets you maintain a healthy balance between your work life and play life, and that’s why it is on the list of the best Android apps in the tools category.

best android apps
Parallel Space

Install Parallel Space on Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Best Travel & Local App

Airbnb is a great companion if you are planning a trip or a vacation. It lets you book an apartment, house, castle, boat, igloo, treehouse, etc. You can either book an entire home or a private room or even a shared room. You can either be a guest or a host. As a host, you can rent your space. You are required to fill out a few details, then a team of photographers will visit your rented space to snap your place, and that’s it. It is you who will decide whether you want to host a particular guest or not. With the help of this app, you can also book experiences, discover famous places, secret spots, the best in the city, and more. Open up this app before planning your next trip.

best android apps

Install Airbnb from Google Play Store by clicking here. 

  • Best Video Player & Editor App

VivaVideo is a free video editing app which claims to create professional looking video stories. It has various editing tools, over 200 video filters, fast and slow motion support, stickers and text input. The app features an in-app camera which lets you record videos with filters and funny effects seamlessly. Apart from this, you can perform all the basic video-editing tasks like trimming, merging clips, adding background music effortlessly. The app also lets you create a slideshow of your edited video. You can instantly share your creation with your friends within the app. There are tons and tons of other features like Video collage maker, GIPHY-support, video themes, effects such as reverse or blurred background, video speed control, etc. It also has a premium version to remove watermarks and ads. The app has a very user-friendly interface so go ahead and give it a try. 

best android apps

Install VivaVideo from Google Play Store by clicking here.

  • Best Weather App

AccuWeather is the king of the weather apps. It provides hourly, daily, 15-day weather forecast. The app features the new AccuWeather MinuteCast which gives you hyper-local minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours. The app has significantly improved its design and user-interface from the previous versions which looked outdated. AccuWeather app even alerts you of snowfall, fog, rain or probable thunderstorm. There is also a video tab which includes breaking weather news, local reports and regional reports. 

best android apps

Install AccuWeather from Google Play Store by clicking here.

Phew!! That was a humongous list. The Play Store is not short of quality apps; there are hundreds of them. I know that this list of the best Android apps still misses some obvious titles. There are other notable apps likes IFTTT, Duolingo, Camera360, Pocket and more. 

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What do you think about this list? Do you have your own list of the best android apps? Share with me in the comments section below! And don’t forget to take this list to the social network and let your friends know of these apps. 🙂


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  1. These are great app tips. I’,m always curious about what the best apps are, or the most used. I love using Evernote. I use waze everywhere I’m gonna have to check out the medic app.Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Andrea!
      Glad you liked it.
      The medical app Practo is limited to only a few countries as of now. Make sure the app is available in your country.

  2. This is a pretry through list. I had not heard of a lot of them. I like the education one! To have a dictionary app would be handy too. I don’t have any room on my phone at the moment but will maybe add a couple of these when I get room. Interested in seeing how they work for me individually.

  3. I totally agree- Instagram really is the best social app as it’s less about popularity and more about whatever you choose to make of it, whether it be an exploration of style, photography, or just remembering happy times with your friends!

  4. I’m glad you included a finance app because I need something to help me with my budget. These can be so helpful! I’m afraid I have far too many apps on my phone at the moment lol This is a great list though- everything that someone would need!

  5. That’s a great list of android apps and I didnt even realize I’m using so many out of them. My fav are Instagram, Whatsapp & Zomato. I think we are so addictive to searching for that right place, that we almost live in Zomato app 😉


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