Best Football Apps To Stay Updated With The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is going to kick-off real soon in Russia. It’s the biggest sporting event for you if you are a football fan.

The race to the World Cup will commence on 14th of June. With final to be played on 15th of July, a total of 68 matches are to be played.

Now, following your favorite team might get a bit difficult for you. Well, in that case, you need a good football app which can help you in not only tracking your favorite team’s progress but also keeps you updated with all the news, match scores, team standings, and whatnot.

Finding a good football app in itself can be a hefty task. But, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Below is the list (in no particular order) of the best football apps which you can download straight away to keep up with the World Cup.

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Best Football Apps for Android/iOS

1. OneFootball

OneFootball is by far one of the best football apps which you can download. Available for both Android and iOS, OneFootball let’s your follow your favorite teams as well as favorite leagues.

The app keeps you abreast will all the latest happenings in football, from news to transfers, OneFootball has got you covered. It offers updates on more than 200 major leagues including the World Cup, Primera Division, Champions League, Premier League, etc.

The main USP of this app is its simple-yet-beautiful user-interface. Live scores, instant push notification, match statistics and live commentary are some of its other features.

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There’s nothing like the official app. And same is the case with the official FIFA app.

The app has been updated for the upcoming World Cup, making it the PERFECT APP if you want to follow the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Upon the app’s setup, it will prompt you to pick your favorite teams.

Once you’ve picked your favorite teams, the app will notify you about your team’s lineup, every time a goal is scored and everytime a player receives a card.

Along with the latest news, the official app provides live scores, fixtures, team standings and access to exclusive videos and photos.

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best football apps

3. Forza Football

If you don’t care about the news, Forza Football is the right app for you. It lets you select your favorite teams and leagues from more than 420 leagues worldwide.

The app has a handy Calendar tab which lists down all the upcoming matches of your team and other teams. The instant push notification works flawlessly. It notifies you about your team’s next match, lineup, goals, cards and full-time result among other things.

Forza Football also provides video highlights. Apart from the customizable push notification feature, the app also offers a variety of themes to choose from. Forza also supports 26 different languages.

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4. FotMob

The FotMob app is divided into two sections. One is the regular section where you will find fixtures, news, match scores, etc, of all of the major leagues. The other section is entirely dedicated to the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

This other section offers World Cup news, team standings, fixtures, results and a whole lot more facts and information. Some of the key features of this app are push notifications, provides country-wise TV schedules, a different section for Transfer News, ability to compare two players, etc.

The most interesting thing about this app has to be the World Cup Predictor. Through this, you can predict the outcome of league matches, knock-out stages, the final and the top scorer. And that’s not it. It even allows you to place a bet (real money) on your prediction and stand a chance to win the official World Cup 2018 match ball replica. Nice.

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5. All Football

All Football is an all-in-one football app available for both Android and iOS. It provides the latest news related to the World Cup and every major league. Much like every other app on this list, this app also lets you select your favorite team and the app helps you in being updated with all the happening regarding your team.

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The app supports multiple languages, provides video highlights of matches and a host of useful stats. One nice little feature of the app is that it offers a GIF for every significant event (like goals or cards) occurred during the match. Although a very small feature, it makes the app stand out from others.

Some of the other features of this app are live commentary, match analysis, World Cup Predictor and push notification.

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6. 365Scores

If you are not just a football fan but follow other sports as well, you can give 365Scores a shot. Apart from football, it covers 9 other sports like Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

The user-interface of the app can be overwhelming for some, but it gets the job done. The app offers video highlights of every match, latest news, insights of every game and standings & fixtures.

The app also has a ‘Social’ section where it aggregates all the tweets related to your favorite sport. Other features of 365Scores are customizable push notification, dark theme, and support for different languages.

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ESPN is one of the leading sports channels and its official app has got all whats required in a sports app. Again, ESPN is for those who are following more than one sport.

Although, you can no longer live stream from within the app but you do get access to exclusive videos from ESPN. You are provided with a list of sports to choose from and based on your favorite sport, you can select your favorite league and follow your team and league.

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The best thing about this app is its user-interface. The app manages to provide you a numerous information with an uncluttered UI. It also provides a match-wise report, live commentary, interesting statistics and the app also has customizable push notification feature.

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SKORES is yet another football app with a very clean looking user-interface. It covers most of the major leagues and also the World Cup. You can set the team you follow as your favorites and you will be notified every time your team plays, a goal is scored, a card is drawn and full-time results of the match.

In a very clean looking manner, the app provides all the necessary information relating to a particular match like statistics, highlights, line-ups, commentary, and videos.

Just like the other apps, SKORES also supports different languages, has a dark mode and lets you predict the outcome of a match. SKORES is a free ad-supported app but you can remove the ads by getting the premium version of the app.

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9. BeSoccer

Last, but certainly not the least, on this list, is BeSoccer. Latest news, updates, Transfer news, live scores, commentary, BeSoccer has got everything a football fan requires from a football app.

It covers most of the major leagues throughout the world and also has a wholly different section for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The app provides all the basic information like fixtures, results, standings, lineups, and news.

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Apart from providing detailed information about the match, BeSoccer also provides detailed information about your favorite player. Basic information about the player, any latest news surrounding the player, career path, transfers, injuries, achievements, this app gives you every bit of information about your favorite player. You can even compare your favorite player with other players.

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Certainly not an exhaustive list, but these were some of the best football apps you can download to stay updated with the 2018 FIFA World Cup. And not just the World Cup, but football as a whole.

So, according to you which among these are the best football apps? Do you know any other football app which is missing, but should be on this list? Let me know in the Comment.

And don’t forget to share it with all your football crazy friends and family members on your social networks.



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